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Do You Know What The Real Cost Of Social Media Is To Your Business?

If I told you that FREE Facebook post which you get little result from actually costs you $250 would you continue to spend the time on it?

Every marketing expert will tell you that you have to use social media to market your business.

You’ve heard it 100’s of times already!!

But ACTUALLY social media is just one part of your marketing puzzle and it is a HARD PART to master. In fact, most people don’t ever master it and there is a reason for that.

You will never beat the algorithms – NEVER!

It is not designed for you to win. Facebook, for example, is designed to keep you on it and to keep Mark Z rich.

And how much does it actually cost you to use social media?? Have you done the math?

Here’s how to work out it.

  • GO to the settings on your phone and it will tell you how many hours you spend on social.
  • Then ADD the amount of time it takes you to create & schedule your content
  • Then ADD the amount of time you spend responding to comments or DM’s
  • Let’s say that all adds up to 5 hours per week. If your hourly rate is $100 – that is a real cost of $500 per week.
  • If you are posting twice a week then each of those posts actually costs you $250 each.

WOW – mind blown!!

I bet you never thought of that way did you.

Social media marketing is NOT FREE.

Here’s the thing, though. For all the time and effort you put into learning how to use it, it is often the least effective marketing channel for your business. The numbers don’t lie!

Social media does have its advantages but if we’re talking leads, sales, and money in the bank? Well, as they say, the money really IS elsewhere in your marketing mix.

And so, I want to help you out.

I’ve created this fact sheet to show you 7 QUICK WINS TO WIN NEW CLIENTS THAT DON’T SUCK YOUR TIME. And because I want to free you from the social media hamster wheel, I’m sharing it for free.

Are you ready to find a better way to win new clients, without trying to work out how to beat the ever-changing (unbeatable) social algorithms?

Then make a change!

P.S To work out how much social media marketing is ACTUALLY costing you, do this little exercise. It will blow your mind when you see the numbers!!

P.P.S And download these 7 quick wins to get started on marketing without social.