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Do You Feel Like You Are Becoming A Slave To Social Media?

Do you feel like you are becoming a slave to social?

It totally feels like it.

All the ‘so called’ experts keep telling us we can master it if we do THIS one thing or THIS one thing.

And of course they have the solution that is going to solve all your social media woes (insert eyeroll)

Truth Bomb time!!!

You will never beat the algorithms. They have been designed by the best brain hackers in the world so you cannot beat them.

Sure there are certain tricks you can use to get more eyeballs and more engagement. And they can help in the short term.

And if you feel like you are starting to get some traction, everything changes again and you are back to square one.

Which means spending more time learning, cursing and tearing your hair out trying to win an unwinnable game.

Is your sanity worth it?

Why do you want to be a slave to social media, the algorithms and the content beast?

I am over it so this year I am flipping the switch and focusing 80% of my time on what is proven to work over and over again.

And I am not alone!

I am hearing more and more comments from micro and small business owners who are just over the whole social hamster wheel.

If you had two choices:

  1. To spend hours a week creating and posting content that falls flat OR
  2. Spend less time working on marketing tactics that might be less glamourous but kick social media’s butt

Which would you choose?

It’s a no brainer!

P.S if you want a better way, Download these 7 quick wins to get started on marketing without social. Click here to get access.