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9 Reasons Why It’s Dangerous To Rely On Social Media Marketing

Look at what most companies are focusing on with their marketing efforts and you will likely see social media at the top of the list.

But it is dangerous to put so much focus on it. Who said you HAVE to be on social media to market your business?

That is a big myth that is simply not true.

You DO NOT have to be on social media to market your business.
(I am sure Mark Z started those rumours and they have spread around the world)

Certainly social media has its place in business but it should be less than 20% of your entire marketing effort. Focusing more than that is simply a waste of time because EVERYONE knows you will never beat the algorithm! It is not designed to be beaten.


There are a bunch of reasons why relying on social media is a dangerous game to play.

  1. NO OWNERSHIP – You don’t own your social channels so straight away you are working on rented property. Much like when you rent a house, why would you spend time making it better only for the owner to benefit?
  2. YOU WILL NEVER WIN – You will never beat the algorithms. They are not designed to be beaten so why spend hours and weeks trying to learn how to beat it. You will lose your sanity and a bunch of time in the process.
  3. FREE REACH IS DEAD – Organic reach is just about dead so you need to spend more time on the various tools like Lives, stories, reels to get some level of engagement which just equals more time for no real result.
  4. VANITY DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS – Vanity metrics don’t pay your bills. An obsession with likes and comments is a waste of time. Facebook likes don’t feed your family or pay your mortgage.
  5. MASSIVE TIME SUCK– It is easy to go down the scroll hole and come up an hour or two later. Not only as a user but as a business owner spending time trying to figure it all out, only for it to change as soon as you feel like you have mastered it.
  6. YOU CAN BE BANNED WHENEVER – The social gods can literally ban you at any time. I have been banned for 24 hours for the smallest thing. Because their bots don’t understand context of language so if you are using social as your main marketing tool, you will lose big time if you are locked out.
  7. BETTER WAYS – There are better and more effective ways to market your business. Businesses survived before social media and you can certainly survive without it now.
  8. WILL IT BE HERE? – Will your social channel of choice be around in 1, 3, 5 years time? Remember MySpace, Vine and Google Plus? So all the years of building an audience on social without moving them to your own database could easily result in heartache overnight.
  9. IT’S BAD FOR YOUR BRAIN. It has been proven to have a negative impact on your brain, your mindset, anxiety levels and overall happiness.

I get that social media has become deeply ingrained in our lifestyle and our business world. Hey, I use it too however it is a small part of my marketing strategy.

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