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Who Said You HAVE To Be On Social Media To Market Your Business?

Here is a big myth that is simply not true:

You DO NOT have to be on social media to market your business.

(I am sure Mark Z started those rumours and they have spread around the world.)

Certainly social media has its place in business. I am not denying that it is a useful tool to drive traffic to your website, increase your visibility or showcase your expertise.

But it is should be less than 20% of any marketing you do. Stop  spending hours a week on it. That is simply a waste of time because EVERYONE knows you will never beat the algorithm! It is not designed to be beaten.


…and don’t let any “marketing guru” tell you otherwise.

Being a business owner is hard enough. Between running your business, dealing with staff, juggling family, drinking enough water, exercising, returning emails and trying to find time to read a book or see your mum, it’s exhausting.

If you are completely honest with yourself, mastering social media is just another task that feels like a necessary evil. It feels overwhelming, like you need to be on there because everyone else is (classic FOMO) and a massive time suck!

That is why I choose to spend a majority of my marketing on ‘non time sucking’ tactics.

Because I know when I spend time on them, they actually work!

Because they are focused on conversations, communication and connection – not trying to hit vanity metrics that don’t pay my bills.

If this resonates with you, you’ll love this free download. In the very least it will open your mind to some new ideas (which will give you back some time in your week too).