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Now there is an excuse to Blab

Blab, a live-streaming video platform, has many great features for connecting with and growing your audience. introduces a mobile and functional desktop experience that allows up to four video streams at once with the click of a button.  You just log in using your Twitter account and you are ready to start blabbing.

A great feature of using Blab is that unlike Meerkat or Periscope which are mobile-only and are mostly just you talking to your audience, with Blab you can have multiple on air guests making it feel more intimate and providing a sense of engagement. Another plus is that Blab’s time length is open-ended and most blabs last about an hour.

blab2 blab

If you are the moderator you can record the blab and within a minute of the end of the show, you’ll receive two links to an mp3 or mp4 with the recording which you can upload to You Tube or as a podcast if you want to share on other platforms.

You can find Blag on this link: Now you have no excuses to be blabbing all day.