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How to use Spotify Ads

Have you ever thought of using Spotify Ads to target your audience?

Social Media may take up most of your digital marketing budget. There’s actually no problem with that but if you want to strategically reach your target audience, you need to go beyond social. Here’s where Spotify comes into play.

What is Spotify?

I’m sure you know about Spotify. But in case you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s an audio streaming app. It allows a user to listen to music and podcasts and also to curate and make playlists. The app can be enjoyed for free or through a paid subscription with some premium perks like ad-free listening, offline mode and unlimited music skipping, among others.

The app can be used in both desktop and mobile platforms. It is also available for both Android and Apple users.

Audio is also King

Aside from video, audio is actually the next best thing people consume online. Without the need for any screens, audio reaches people in a unique way that visual media can’t. This is because people can listen to music and podcasts even when they’re not holding their phones or tinkering with their laptops. And that is when they’re doing other tasks like studying, cooking, exercising, driving, cleaning, etc.

Spotify allows you to do just that. By serving ads to more than 116 million users who have a free account, it helps increase awareness and recall about your brand, service or product. And since Spotify users use the app for at least 2.5 hours in any given day, you have more than enough window to reach your desired audience.

What You Need Before You Setup Ads in Spotify

Setting up ads in Spotify is fairly easy. It’s self-serve so you just have to input your campaign details on your own through their Ad Studio. What’s great about their platform is that they will do the production work for you – from recording the voiceover, mixing the music and producing the ad. It will not cost you anything extra, although, we all know it’s all tucked in the ad cost. But it’s one less thing to think about.

But before you go to Spotify to create your ad, make sure you’ve prepared the following:

  1. Your script for the ad

The script must be something catchy. Make sure your copy captures and captivates.

  1. Your audience profile

Determine the audience that you want to reach. Include factors like age, gender, location, activity and even their music preferences. This will be fairly easy if you’ve done your audience/avatar profiling.

  1. Your budget

Determine how much money you’re willing to spend for the campaign. The minimum spend for ads in Australia is AU$250 and you’re only charged when a user completes listening to your ad.

Spotify Ads is a great way to reach your audience if you want your brand, product or service awareness to increase. Conversions on the platform may be comparably lower than visual-based ads. But if your goal is to increase awareness and recall, Spotify is a good platform to add to your advertising channels.

Do you want to learn more about digital marketing and how you can make it simple but effective? Schedule a time to chat with me and let’s set you up with consistent marketing while you focus on what you love doing.


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