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Add some personality to your digital assets

Now more than ever, standing out and being authentically you is so important. Remember that old adage of ‘people do business with people they like’? it is very true so why do you want to blend in and follow what everyone else is doing on your digital channels? Blah and boring!!!!

Anyone that has met me knows that I am not backward in coming forward and I like to sparkle and stand out. I am certainly not the shy type. For years I have refused to have a boring voicemail message that goes like this ….. “You’ve reached Tanya Williams from Digital Conversations. I am not available to take your call right now so leave a message and I will call you back when I am available” Yeh, that one that 95% of the business world has.

I get regular feedback and comments from clients about my quirky voicemail and out of office messages all the time. They love them! Why? because they reflect who I am as a person and they are far from boring and standard.

Your digital brand assets should reflect your personality. It is OK to have some fun in business. Show people who you are on your digital channels. I highly encourage my clients to do this. These are all marketing assets and touch points that are valuable real estate for your personal and business brand.

Here are a couple of examples you might find from me:

Out of Office message 1
Q1: where’s Tanya?
a. On holidays until Tuesday
b. Right behind you
c. In space
Q2: When will Tanya be back?
a. When Melrose Place gets remade
b. Infinity
c. Tuesday
Q3: Is Tanya sorry she missed your email?
a. So, so, sorry
b. Eh
c. Cocktails don’t lie
P.S Don’t you love an Out of Office message that isn’t boring?

Out of Office message 2
I am overseas and shock horror I left my laptop back in my office where it is enjoying a holiday all of its own. It is overworked and in much need of cocktails by the pool, much like its owner who may or may not be doing the same thing. I will leave it up to you to guess where I am (somewhere on the planet), what I am doing (highly possible I could be drinking bubbles and shoe shopping) and when I will be back (OK I will give you that one > 16th October). One thing I will not be doing is answering emails.

If it is super urgent you can tweet me using the hashtag #youareinterruptingmyholiday and I will probably ignore it as I am relying on wifi in an overseas country and I have no control over coverage I will get by the pool. Trust me I get my best ideas and inspiration when relaxed!

So, while I am on holiday, doing all of the above, you enjoy your time at work.

Out of office message 3

Thanks for your electronic message. I am away on holidays, lazing on a beach with a good book and taking some time to breath & reboot. I will officially be back to my full digital self on Monday 27th Feb.
I will likely be checking emails so if you just cannot live without me for a few days, then that is the best way to get in touch. Otherwise I will digitally respond when I leave the beach.
Have an awesome week 

Similarly, my voicemail is fun and quirky. I don’t do boring!

Digital assets that are commonly not utilised include email footer, summary page of your LinkedIn profile, voicemail, out of office messages, invoices, business cards. Get creative and make all your digital assets count! But most importantly share your personality and have some fun with it.

If you want to talk more about adding some personality to your digital assets, connect with me here >