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5 easy ways to turn on your marketing for your law firm

Time is not the enemy when it comes to marketing your law firm. You just need to know where to start and what to do!

I know you are time poor so here are 5 easy ways to turn on your marketing:

Tip 1 – Use your existing assets

Start with what you already have. This is all about keeping it simple and using your existing assets! What do you already have that you can use in your marketing?

You already have what you need. Website? A client list? A LinkedIn profile? Sure, each of those assets can be refined and improved but this is a starting point and no excuse to not put some marketing in place. There is no such thing as perfect, just start.

Tip 2 – Create 5-minute marketing moments

Is lack of time killing your marketing? It is the number 1 excuse I hear from law firm owners like you.  You are busy doing the work and paying the bills. So, if time is an issue, use 5-minute marketing moments. There are a lot of things you can do in 5-minute chunks (or for lawyers you might prefer 6-minute intervals). Everyone can find multiple 5 minute moments to get small things done.

I provide lots of examples in my FREE TRANING  5 easy ways to turn on your marketing

Tip 3 – Re-use & recycle your content

Did you know that the latest stats reveal that you need 33 touchpoints before a potential client will reach out to you? 33!! When you create a piece of content you need as many people as possible to see it. Don’t just write a blog, post on it on your website, and think your job is done.

You need to work it baby! That content needs to be broken down, recreated and recycled in lots of different ways AND on different channels.

You can turn one blog into an article on LinkedIn, a video, small quotes …. There is actually 14 different ways to use it.

Find out what they are in this FREE REPORT on repurposing your content

Tip 4 – Automate your email & social marketing

Successful marketing is all about consistency – say it with me – CONSISTENCY!!!

That is when many lawyers fail. Automation is key to having a consistent presence online. There are free tools you can use to set up consistent emails to your clients and on social media so there is no excuse for being busy.

Tip 5 – Use technology to your advantage

Technology is there to make our life easier. How are you using it to market your law firm more effectively?

These days we are lucky to have access to so many great free tools, apps and software to help us create, schedule, automate and manage our marketing. Use technology to your advantage. If there is a tool that allows you to do something in 10 minutes rather than 2 hours, use it!


Want to dive a little deeper and get more detail then join in my FREE TRAINING. Every day for 5 days you will get a 2-minute video that dives deeper into each of these points. I will reveal:

  • How to use what you already have to, with your limited time
  • Ways to set up everything you need on little to no budget
  • Simple tips to drip feed your marketing while you are sleeping
  • 5-minute time hacks to ensure you are moving the marketing needle
  • How to recycle your content
  • Digital tools to take away the marketing headaches and make this easy for you

This is solid, practical, build foundation tactics that I use with my clients to give them consistent marketing while they stay focused on what they love to do like spending more time with the people they love.

They are the same tactics I use with my clients. And if you execute them, it will work to turn on your marketing and get some consistent messaging to ideal clients.

So, are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!