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Save hours in content creation – re-purpose what you already have

The number 1 reason I hear from businesses for not actively marketing on digital channels is this – I don’t know what content to create and I don’t have time to do it anyway! I am going to take away that excuse right now and show you how to do it.

The most time-efficient content (and my favourite) is repurposed content.

Repurposed content is the existing content you have them you can recycle or reuse. This could be older blog posts or social media posts that got a good engagement at the time as examples.

It sounds simple enough because it is!

When repurposing content, you need to consider:

  • Is it evergreen? If you are talking about Xmas in your content and you want to post it in April, it ain’t going to work so well. (Evergreen content doesn’t date)
    • NB: If it is evergreen, are you able to take out the dates so it can be reused?
  • Do you need to update any stats that might be outdated?
  • Are the keywords relevant or do they need to be updated?
  • Create a new headline so it looks fresh
  • Add new images or diagrams to keep it highly relevant

Your content should be focused on QUALITY not QUANTITY so if you create one quality blog per month you can easily reuse the content in multiple ways for the entire month.

There are loads of ways to repurpose your content. If you want to know how to take 1 blog post and use it in 14 different ways, then get the free download that has exactly how to do that.

PLUS get a one-page cheat sheet you can use as a reference guide ongoing

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