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2017 is the year for video. This is why you should be doing it right now!!

Video is predicted to be 74% of all internet traffic by 2017 (that’s just 6 months away). You will probably be noticing a lot more video content on all your digital and social media channels. Yes it is taking over everything.

Video one of the fastest growing tools for digital marketing. So why is video becoming so popular?

Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text and the brain is  drawn to content that doesn’t take much effort to comprehend (You might call it laziness) but I seems it is human nature to be drawn to video.

For businesses it allows you to share a lot of information in a short time, show your brand personality and create engagement with your audience in a way they can relate to and most importantly search engines give priority to those websites that feature video content with 70% of top search listings containing at least 1 video.

For customers it’s a great way to absorb information and  learn, you can consume it on the go, it’s easy to share, you can watch it on any platform, people remember it and it’s preferred over reading a bunch of text

Live streaming video takes it a step further. With new platforms like Blab, Facebook Live, You Tube Live and Periscope you can be more dynamic and interact with fans and customers with the click of a button on your phone, providing a very accessible medium for you to engage your audience.

There’s a reason that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world! So when you are planning your marketing content think about how you can incorporate video into the marketing mix. Happy filming!

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