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Why marketing, sales & talent managers should all play together in the sandpit

Why is it that companies continue to silo departments? The very departments that should all be playing in the same sandpit together …. Sales, Marketing and Talent Managers (HR & recruitment) are all marketing channels. They are marketing to people internally and externally and should not be siloed.

They all have the same goals in mind:

  • Communicate marketing messages to attract the right clients and staff
  • Showcase brand culture to attract the right clients and staff
  • Hire & look after the right people who can attract the right clients and staff

They are all focused on people!

So how do they intersect?

Sales can assist marketing to understand the client’s pain points, aspirations, and help them build client personas. They can work with marketing teams to better understand the client. One cannot work effectively without the other. Marketing without sales is like flying blind and hoping you get to your destination.

Marketing can generate leads of the right clients based on what sales tell them (more sales, more money for everyone). They can provide highly relevant content to educate prospects and help support the sales team during the sales process.

Based on what salespeople provide to marketing, they can personalise and customise content that talks directly to a certain client or segment, meaning it will cut through and get seen instead of being ignored.

Talent Managers can market to the right people. They should be liasing with marketing to talk about the culture you want to build (or maintain), the type of people you want to attract and the types of people you want working for the company. Marketing content should be included in onboarding & employee inductions

Talent managers also have a vested interest in the marketing game.

The intersection of these 3 business centres is mostly untapped. It what I call Social Amplification – the collision of people, brand culture and communication! The focus is on leveraging every piece of your digital marketing – via sales, talent, and marketing teams. Then extending this further to include those people in your company that play in the social media bubble.

They all have influence in the process and therefore should all have input. They should all be playing in the same sandpit.


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