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Kindness makes the world go round

Every year at Xmas I think I should go and do something for a local charity and give back to people that don’t have what I am lucky enough to. I am talking about donating money, I do that all year round. I am referring to hands on, face to face in the trenches type stuff.

So this Xmas I took time to make up packs for homeless people and hand them out. I had some a fulfilling experience that my vow for 2019 is to do much more. I’m calling it Project Kindness

Kindness should be something that is shared all year round. I am planning on making up more packs and providing books and clothes (a minimum of 4 times during the year) and donating blankets and jumpers during winter period.

These get given directly to the people that need it via Orange Sky locations across Brisbane. Anyone can contact them and do this BTW 😊

If you want to join me on this quest, here is how you can help:

  • Save the toiletries you get from hotels and gift bags. I can add these to the packs
  • Instead of throwing out clothes and blankets keep them to donate
  • Add a couple of extra items to your shopping trolley every now and then that can be donated – puzzle books, thongs, cleaning wipes, magazines, chocolates are just a few ideas
  • Come along with me and hand out the packs and talk to them. It is very rewarding feeling knowing you’ve made a difference to someone’s day.

My second Project Kindness goal is to make more microloans on Kiva. Kiva is a microlender that lends small amounts to people all over the world that need money to start businesses, pay for education, buy goods, get medical care, grow crops etc. They lend money to these people who pay it back. I have been doing this for a few years and just keep relending money that is paid back but this year I would like to add an additional new 40-50 loans. The more I loan the bigger the impact I can have. If you want to help you can do so here  >

And Project Kindness item number 3 is to donate a % of every one of my course sales and workshops to One Girl to educate girls in Africa. Education girls who wouldn’t otherwise get this, is something I am passionate about. With education comes opportunity! And that can change a life!

Change a girl’s life here>

I want to make a dent, a difference, an impact that actually helps people. I welcome anyone who wants to join me on my quest.

T x