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Using the ‘Sesame Street’ theory to Amplify the shit out of your content

I loved watching Sesame Street as a kid. It combined fun, stories, colour & life lessons in an entertaining and easy to consume way. That is why kids flocked to it and still do. They made learning fun and easy. If only, all marketing was like that….

Have you thought about doing the same thing with your content?

“What did you just say?” I hear you ask.

Let me repeat myself. “How can you apply the Sesame Street way of learning to massively amplify your content to the people you want to talk to?”

One of my favourite parts of the show is when they introduce the letter of the day. So, let’s start with today’s letter – the letter A and the word of the day is ‘Amplify’.

Content is amplified when it is shared by people within your network or team to people who might not know about your business, might not be following you or even ever heard of you. Amplified content extends much further than your own existing networks which is why it is gold.

As a brand we want to seriously turn up the volume for it to be heard above the rest of the noise. But to help us amplify our message, we also need to get other people involved. You see one hundred people shouting is more effective than one person shouting, right?

Let’s get back to our furry friends at Sesame Street. Think about some of the key things you learnt from Sesame Street:

  • It’s OK to imagine and have an imagination
  • Sharing is fun
  • People & opportunities come in many shapes and colours
  • It’s OK to talk about the hard stuff
  • We need people who balance us
  • Listen to others
  • We can invite & influence change
  • A positive attitude makes a difference
  • Earn respect through honesty
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself
  • Remember your manners
  • Never lose sight of your message
  • Speak directly to your audience

Every single one of these learnings can be applied to allow you to amplify your content to massive audiences.

You see social media today needs to be authentic, relatable and genuine and the above principles apply to successful content creation that will be shared to new audiences again and again.

Amplification is not just about volume or noise, it is about quality reach. Reaching the right people not everyone!

Sesame street has taught many lessons to us over the years and proven to be effective so applying the same learnings to what we are doing with our content must be a good thing. Why? 1. Because It works and 2. Because it works


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