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There’s a social specialist on every corner!!

As a digital strategist and chief of digital experiences I immerse myself in the world of digital every single day. After many years working in all facets of the industry I consider my ‘bullshit radar’ highly tuned.

But lately it seems every second person is a so called ‘social media expert’. No one can claim to know everything in this fast paced ever evolving industry. If they do, then run a mile. As much as I tell my hubby I know everything (and yes I’m perfect) J I know very well I do not and on a professional level I do not pretend to know everything either. No matter what you level of knowledge in any industry you should be constantly learning and updating your skills.  And doing a one day course does not quality you to be an expert. I met a man at a networking last year who worked in a totally unrelated industry but proceeded to tell me he was an expert because he’d helped his mate Bob so he was qualified to help other unsuspecting business owners with no experience whatsoever.  Cowboy alert!

My pet peeve is people proclaiming that if you did ‘x’ you will double your sales, or triple your followers or have leads literally pouring in the door.  I have seen some outrageous claims that gullible and unsuspected business owners fall for. It just makes me angry when dodgy operators with fancy landing pages, fool unsuspecting business owners that believe their outrageous claims.

There are some well respected and very talented digital marketers out there, so follow them on their networks, get to know them virtually, ask questions, interact and talk to industry professionals before engaging someone that claims they can transform your business overnight (because they cannot).

There is no quick fix that can miraculously transform your business overnight – digital or traditional.

Digital is no different to anything else in your business. Like a plant you have to feed it (invest time & resources), trim it back (tweak & make changes) and nurture it (be realistic in your expectations) as it grows stronger and stronger and can finally stand on its own two feet.

Beware of dodgy claims: If it sounds too good to be true it IS.

I met a guy at a networking breakfast last year who when he rudely interrupted a conversation I was having with another person, claimed that we should talk more as his search & video company could have me number 1 on Google within the month. I called Bullshit and did not return his calls.

Implementation and action are key

Fact: If you don’t do the work you won’t make progress! Do you think you are going to lose weight if you eat KFC & Maccas and don’t exercise but because you have some magic pill so the weight will fall off you. Please!!  You can have a strategy but if you don’t put this into action then it is a waste of time and money. And the excuse of not having time, is exactly that. If it is important you will make time, even if it one tactic or task a week, that is progress.

Work with suppliers that have a good wholistic understand of how the pieces fit together and most importantly, what are the best tools and channels for your business. Ask questions and look at their experience. If they are genuine they will have no issue with answering questions, talking about their work, offering insights and giving you genuine testimonials.