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The power of THANK YOU in business

When I was growing up I was taught to always say please and thank you. I was constantly reminded to say those words and why they were important. After all, this is basic manners, right?

A simple thank you is the most basic form of politeness, recognized all over the world.
It’s amazing how those two words can open many doors, connecting you to people everywhere.

In this age of informality, manners seem to have disappeared. I have noticed a big shift in the professional world of people not saying these two basic words. Is everyone so busy and important, that they forget basic manners? Manners apply offline and online and saying two simple words can have a massive impact.

Just because you are online does not mean you ignore someone that has interacted with you online. Would you do the same to someone standing in front of you right now? One would hope not.

This polite gesture can show your clients and partners that you value the relationship, and it helps build rapport. Saying ‘thank you’ can instill confidence, build loyalty and show respect.

Customers don’t choose who they do business with based solely on products and what they cost. 68% of people said that businesses lost them as a customer because they felt unappreciated.

So, just like your mum taught you, this is the very least you should you:
• If someone sends you some valuable information – say THANK YOU
• If someone sends you a gift or a card – say THANK YOU
• If someone moves their schedule to accommodate you – say THANK YOU
• If someone shares a free tool, tip or provides free advice – say THANK YOU
• If someone sends you information you have asked for – say THANK YOU
• If someone posts something on a social channel that taught you something – say THANK YOU

Verbalizing gratitude shows that you’re engaged in the work you’re doing, and are mindful of those you interact with. And remember that not saying those simple words can impact the impression you make and want someone thinks about you as a person and a professional.

The most secure people don’t make people wait for them and they show common courtesy in all professional interactions.

Thank you are two of the most powerful words you can use so don’t confuse being busy with just being rude!
It’s easy to say, quick to do, and it’s never taken the wrong way. There is no downside to saying thank you.

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