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The Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool Is This!

Today I am talking lead generation but it is not what you would probably be expecting.

Now you might not have thought of lead generation like this before, but the basic principle is actually really simple.

Lead generation is really simple. You might be thinking, “Well if its so simple then why does it
feel so hard?” or “Why isn’t what I am doing working?”

The key is in how you think about lead generation to start with.

So this is the secret



Lead generation is just about starting conversations.

Let me repeat that: “Lead generation is just about starting conversations.”

Yep, groundbreaking stuff right?

Every client you have now, started with a conversation of some sort, whether it was online or offline. What you are doing is starting conversations with people who might be intrigued or interested in your product.

Now, the length of time from that initial conversation to when they became a client can vary greatly. I have had conversations that resulted in a new client the same day and others that have taken several years. Mainly because that person wasn’t ready, didn’t need me, or wanted to get to know me which is simply about timing.

But here’s the thing… starting conversations involves more than just feeding stuff into social media feeds.

The solution lies in getting back to basics.

Now that might trigger a bunch of questions ….

But how exactly do I do that? Where do I do that? How do I know who to talk to or where to start? Listen to this episode of the Sales Without Socials podcast and I have answered all those Q’s for you.

Don’t overcomplicate your lead generation. Get back to basics and start more quality conversations and you will win more business.