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The human factor of digital marketing

I am a digital girl. I love how technology can transform our lives and our businesses. However, the one factor that always gets overlooked is the human factor.

Despite the technology, there is one vital component to the mix. People!! It’s people that are using technology. We are the one factor that can make or break a digital channel or product.

For this reason, you need to make your digital channels people friendly. You have to take into account how someone might logically think to navigate your website or what path they take to click and buy from you. Looking at our data can help this process but you also need to consider how people factor into the equation.

It is people that are controlling the click of the mouse. Where it moves, what they click on, how it makes them feel.

Yes, emotion should be part of the digital experience. How someone feels when they are on your website or Facebook page can determine the outcome. Are they inspired, impressed, frustrated, interested, angry, impatient. Can they find what they are looking for quickly? Are you making their online experience a positive one? Make them feel good about the experience and you can merge their offline reality with online fantasy.

Including people in setting up your online experience is something most businesses never consider. Most never look at the path to purchase before building a website for example.

Consider what role people play in every step of your online sales process. Ask yourself these questions:

• What words are they typing into Google to find you?
• When they are on your website, does it clearly articulate how you solve their problem?
• Is it easy to get the information they need?
• Where are they clicking?
• Do you capture their data so you can continue the conversation with them?
• Are you staying in touch pre, during & post purchase?
• What social content resonates with them?
• Do you have enough digital touchpoints set up for them to connect with you?
• What emotional connections have you established in your messaging?

There are people behind the screens so remember to always put your client hat on when considering how your digital channels are working to generate leads and be used to drive real business outcomes for you. It is all about people!