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Starting to put the puzzle together

When you have developed your Tradigital Marketing Strategy and have some clear action plans the fun part starts with putting together all the pieces of the puzzle which is no childs play. Your strategy likely was filled with insights on your website, landing pages, social media, search marketing, blogs, video, mobile, ebooks, events and many other traditional marketing options.

Step 1 is to put all your action items into a simple word document table and list them in priority. Having them in a 2 page document makes it easy, isn’t as overwhelming than a 30 page document and gives you a clear precise picture of what you need to do in the various areas first.

Step 2 is to put some timelines and deadlines into place. You MUST allocate a deadline to it. If you do not I will guarantee it wont get done as you get ‘too busy’ and push it back to next week then next week. Before you know a year has passed and you have missed tonnes of opportunities.

Step 3 is to allocate accountabilities. Who in your team is responsible for actioning each task and by when. Hold them accountable for it, set expectations and give them clear direction. If you don’t have task them about ways you can outsource some of the tasks or just action 2-3 items per week so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Step 4 is Just bloody Do It!! Yes I just said that!  Stop with the excuses and the ‘I’m too busy mantra’ busy is no longer an excuse. Do you want to grow your business or do you want to be in the same position in 12 months time?  Stop procrastinating and      Just Do It!!