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Let these Marketing Elves help you kick arse in 2022

I am a believer that simple marketing is more effective for most businesses.

This is not a theory – it is based on the work I do for clients every day. It might sound cool to have the latest fancy tool or software so you have bragging rights with your peers, but often that technology is expensive, complicated to set up and will end up frustrating you and your clients.

As we start to get back to a newish kind of normal in a post pandemic world, the rules have changed. We now want easier, simpler, less complicated ways of doing things and that includes our marketing.

So, what are the marketing elves? They are tactics that will do the following in your business in 2022 IF you action them

Effective – communication and conversation
Leverage – your current and new tactics
Visibility – provide more eyeballs on your business
Efficient & free – tactics that make a difference without fancy software or tools
Simple (and smart) – uncomplicated and easy to set up

As per the old saying ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes” so I am going to ask you to open your mind and try some simple tactics that you might not have thought of before.

Some of these ideas might be new to you but the one thing that is guaranteed – you need to actually do them in order to get results.

  1. Reading this is the first step.
  2. Actioning the second step.
  3. Consistently continuing is the final step in the process.

(it won’t transform your business in 2 days) – be realistic! But in time, you will see results!

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