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Do you know how your customers actually buy from you on your digital channels?

I guarantee you have spent no time, actually reviewing what your customers path to purchase is! That is a huge missed opportunity!

Most businesses don’t. They make a lot of assumptions that are based on guesswork and not fact at all. They don’t even look at their data as part of this process. It just baffles me!!

The path to purchase is the process that your customer takes to buy your product or service. This might take 3, 8, 15 touch points with your brand on different channels before they actually notice, recognise, consider or take some sort of action.

As a customer I experience this constantly. The lack of understanding about the pain points I have, the issues that make it hard for me to buy or book online, the lack of information on your website, the response times ….. it all contributes to my path to purchase with your business.

Do you even know what YOUR customer needs to do to buy from you once they have seen a trigger such as an ad? Most businesses do not consider this at all, ever as they are too focused on themselves.

This is such a missed opportunity. Spend some time in your customers shoes or get external insights from a consultant, like me, which will give you a totally unbiased view of your customers path to purchase. How do you fix an issue if you don’t know about it? It is often the simplest of things that make you lose sales on your digital channels and most of the time it starts with no understanding what your customers path to purchase actually looks like.

It’s an inexpensive exercise to do but well worth the time and small cost to realise more sales on the backend.