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FREE Underutilised Marketing Real Estate That You Are Neglecting

When it comes to marketing, you want as many eyeballs as possible on your business. Which means you need to plaster your marketing messages wherever you can. Remember it can take up 31 touchpoints with your business, before anyone reaches out to you (eeek).

I don’t say that to scare you – I say it to remind why it’s important to stay visible.

Let me share a few places you might not of thought of, or thought weren’t important.

Your email signature

Think about the number of emails you send and receive each day. Make the most of your email signature. Share a branded message, your latest product or promotion, or how you help solve your client’s problems. Don’t do boring!!

CTA Footers on your blogs & LinkedIn Articles

When you publish blogs or articles on LinkedIn, you have an audience that is consuming that content (hopefully). After you have inspired them with your amazing thoughts, it is time to tell them what you’d like them to do next. What is the next step? Your Call to action could be a free a download, an invitation for a consultation, a promotional offer. Everyone that you write should include something about you.

Social media headers

This one is a no brainer however many businesses just set and forget. CHANGE that header regularly. It is prime real estate – one of the first things people see when they visit your social media pages. Take advantage of it and change it for promotions, new offers, new seasons or just to inspire.

Your phone message

Yes, your phone message is a chance to share. Use it as a way to remind people about how you help, your office hours, your latest promotion or just keep it fun and light. But please, if you message say “Hi, you have reach NAME and I cant come to the phone right now so leave a message” then CHANGE IT. I have already hung up!

Funny out-of-office message

Rant alert: It annoys me when people are on holidays and don’t use an out of office. One main reason – if you don’t respond I think you are ghosting me and I will spend my money with someone else. However, if I know you are on holidays, I will probably wait. It is communication 101.

But don’t leave just any boring Out of office message – get creative with it. It is part of your brand. If you have seen one of mine you will know exactly what I mean.

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