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Everything Old Is New Again (including this website)

I’ve been in business for nearly 9 years and during that time there’s been more twists and turns than a hoola hoop and a yoyo combined, like many businesses have, I guess.

I’ve changed, I’ve evolved, I’ve thrown things across the office and I’ve had many bottles of champagne to celebrate my wins plus I’ve threatened to quit many times but then I remember I have the best boss in the world, so how could I beat that.

Today marks the start of another big change in my business direction.

Have I piqued your curiosity?  🤔

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to have a bit of fun amongst the seriousness of business, it’s how I roll, it’s just who I am. 😀 ain’t ever gonna give that up.

So, when I decided to revamp my brand and my website, I knew I wanted to go bigger than Dolly’s hair, bolder than George’s neon spandex tights, and stand out more than Whitney, belting out a power ballad.

I figure why be the same as every other marketing consultant?

And standing out is what we all ideally want to do (some of us are just more confident than others about to achieve that). And. My job, after all, is to make you look good!

I’ve been secretly working on some changes to my brand and offering and it is NOW LIVE.

The change in brand is another slight pivot on my business journey but one that feels like it aligns more to not only me, my personality, and my strengths, but the clients I work with based on their demographics and values (who will totally understand my theme).

The new look is super fun and my creative juices have been in hyper mode with the theme. (I’ve been a little obsessed, to be honest).

In business, it is so important to be passionate about what you do and to have love heart eyes for your brand.

Take a look and tell me you love it more than Olivia Newton John’s black hotpants (and if you don’t please be gentle).

While you are making your mind up, one click will reveal all.

P.S Did you pick up on the hints I have been leaving along the way?