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How Your Law Firm Can Improve its Organic Search Results with Basic SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO for law firms is a digital marketing strategy designed to increase organic search traffic. By optimizing your firm’s website, you’re giving your target customers and search engines clear messages about what your firm is all about. This basically helps people find you when they need you which is why having content on multiple channels also helps to generate more leads, and enquiries.

Just how important is SEO for a law firm? Up to 96% of people rely on search engines to find legal advice. However before you start on an SEO strategy you need to ensure your website is ready for it. This includes making it quick & easy to see what problems you solve for your clients within 7 seconds and also the ability to capture visitor information when they do find you (more on that in another blog).

To give you a basic understanding of SEO, here are four SEO approaches you can use to attract new clients to your law firm website.

  1. Decide On Your Firm’s Keywords

The first step is optimizing your law firm’s website. By including targeted and specific keywords, you will attract qualified leads and website traffic. Put simply, this means what words do people use when they are looking for your service? Focus on your areas of practice and jot down keywords related to it. Next, look up search terms on Google and examine the results for each keyword. Refine your keywords to include the city and area of practice, such as “Child Custody Lawyer Brisbane”. This is a good indication of what people are searching for.

Some helpful keyword tools that can show you the popularity of each keyword, competition, etc. are:

– Google Trends

– Keyword.IO

  1. Home Page Optimization with Keywords

Include keywords in all primary aspects of the home page such as:

– Headline

– Sub-headers (H2, H3)

– Call to Action

– Content

In the headline, use keywords you want to rank high for, i.e. your main area of legal expertise. For example, “Brisbane Divorce Attorney”. In the sub-headers, use additional keywords that you care to rank for. Use keywords in your meta description, title tag, and images as well.

  1. Customise How your Law Firm Looks in Search Results

For your law firm’s website, you must include metadata. This is a blurb that appears in search engine results. It is a small snippet that tells visitors and search engine algorithms about the services offered by your law firm. Another important component is a title tag. This provides information about the nature of your webpage, i.e., location and expertise. You must include keywords and locations in title tags.

  1. Create a Website Page with Specific Keywords

To generate better organic search for your law firms publish relevant content.  This means that all your website pages have SEO-friendly URLs, optimized headlines, a meta description, and a title tag. For instance, you have to created individual pages for the types of legal services you offer, i.e. child support, grandparents’ rights, child custody, divorce, etc. The quantity and quality of your content influences organic search traffic as well. Publish new content (blogs) that informs visitors regularly. Refrain from using ‘filler’ content.

Law firm digital marketing can build your company’s credibility, increase its presence, and gain a competitive edge.