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The 3 S’s to learning new digital skills

One thing we should all be grateful for is education, especially when so many people in the world don’t have access to even basic education. I am always learning and I’m big believer in constantly developing your skills.

Thinking that just because you’ve been in your job or industry for 10 years you know everything you need to s not only the stupidest thing I’ve heard but its arrogant and limits the potential you as a person and your business can achieve Quote by….

It’s time to leave your ego at the door!  Working in a fast paced world like digital means learning every single day and as a busy small business owner I get that’s it’s hard to find the time so start with the 3 S’s

  1. Schedule time to make t happen – whatever works for you. 1/2 hour first thing each morning, one night a week, an hour on a weekend. Put it in your calendar and schedule learning.
  2. Subscribe to blogs, download fact sheets and ebooks and do a course. You have access to so much information in one click so take advantage of the accessible to educate yourself
  3. Stop making excuses. If you want to learn you WILL find the time to. No time or money is just an excuse.

Make this year one that makes a huge difference to your personal and professional development. You owe it yourself and your business. Now get clicking!!