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Why Micro Marketing Puts Money In Your Bank

You have probably heard the phrase “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” 

And it is true, with everything we do.

Losing weight
Learning a language
Quitting a bad habit
Creating a new habit

Whatever it is, consistency and making small incremental steps add up over time and pay off.

The same is true for your marketing.

One usually happens when you decide “I need to do some serious marketing for my business” is that you bite off more than you can chew.

Then that stalls you because you have gone too fast and hard. Like when you start to work out and you are in the zone. You can sustain this for only so long before your body and muscles fatigue and you get tired and sore and eventually lose motivation.

So you stop for weeks or months and then you only start again when there is a burning need (like you need to win new clients). Then you lose the momentum, you lose the visibility, your competitors overtake you, then you feel like it’s all too hard.

But there is a better way.

Instead, focus on micro marketing.

Micro marketing is those small things you can do consistently that when you add it all up, make an impact.

Those small things throughout the day, week, month, or year help shift the trajectory of your marketing. The daily meetings you have with potential clients or referrers, that weekly post on LinkedIn, the monthly email to your clients, the quarterly webinar you run… Whatever it is, these micro-marketing moments impact your visibility.

Think of it like a dripping tap. One drop seems like nothing until you start to fill the bucket. Then that consistently dripping tap, one drop after the other, builds to something of significance, that you can clearly see and gets noticed.

You need to think of marketing like a lifestyle habit, not a short-term quick fix (which is often the way it is viewed).

As a lifestyle habit, you don’t start and stop. Sure, you might have off days where you are not feeling it, but you persist over time and that is how you see results.

Consistent micro-marketing moments are what puts money in your bank. Not random Facebook ads or investing in overcomplicated CRMs.

Think small in order to grow big.

Want to dive into creating micro-marketing moments so you can make a significant change to grow your business? Then please DM me.