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What Worked In 2021 (And What To Ditch In 2022)

We are at the pointy end of the year. I am sure that most of us are ripped those pages off the calender as we count down to the time we can shut down the laptop and breathe…

BUT before you do, I suggest you do one thing that will give you a head start into 2022.

Before I share what that is (as well as a Xmas gift), I want to say well done on making it another year. If you are a business owner, you understand the rollercoaster that it can so pat yourself on the back and crack open a bottle of champas.

As we start to get back to a newish kind of normal in a post pandemic world, the rules have changed. We now want easier, simpler, less complicated ways of doing things and that includes our marketing.

So, this is what I suggest you do before you close down the laptop. Review your marketing efforts and decide what worked well for you and what didn’t.

What helped to make you more visible to potential clients?
What generated engagement, conversation, a phone call?
What do your numbers tell you?

If you are feeling a little lazy, then here is a simple checklist that takes 3 minutes to complete that tell you how well your marketing is performing. Plus, it will give you some suggestions on how to improve these things in 2022.

Find out if your marketing has played naughty or nice HERE.


Now for your Xmas gift…

I decided to give you something that won’t add to your waistline but will add to your bottom line (in a good way)

I’ve done the work for you to research what are the tactics that matter in 2022.

I’ve called your marketing ELVES (because I love to have some fun with this stuff and well, it’s Xmas – dah)

So, these elves have these traits.  They are:

  • Effective – communication and conversation
  • Leverage – your current and new tactics
  • Visibility – provide more eyeballs on your business
  • Efficient & free – tactics that make a difference without fancy software or tools
  • Simple (and smart) – uncomplicated and easy to set up

As per the old saying ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes” so I am going to ask you to open your mind and try some simple tactics that you might not have thought of before.

Some of these ideas might be new to you but the one thing that is guaranteed – you need to actually do them in order to get results.

  1. Reading this is the first step.
  2. Actioning the second step.
  3. Consistently continuing it is the final step in the process.

(It won’t transform your business in 2 days) – be realistic! But in time, you will see results!

Get your free copy here.