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What The Hell Is Tradigital Marketing? (and why you should be doing it)

Tradigital…It’s a term I have been using for many years and it is something you need to do more of.

Tradigital is simply a combination of digital and traditional marketing (Pretty obvious, right?).

We live in a digital world filled with technology but more and more of us are feeling mentally drained by it all. Why is that?

We are sick of trying to work out algorithms, looking ridiculous filming dancing TikToks (sure they are entertaining for us but are they generating sales?), adding expensive new software with features you will never use, being bombarded with ads on every single digital device you own (seriously feel like I am being stalked with those remarketing ads)….

…and on top of all that we need to run our business find new clients and generate sales.

So, if we are craving simple, then a good way to offset the overwhelm of digital is by using simple traditional marketing tactics – the ones that have stood the test of time and continue to work to this day.

Remember the days before we had the internet, social media, free online tools, apps, email, and video streaming…?

Sometimes I crave those days without the ability to be constantly interrupted by every device I own, always trackable and never fully able to disconnect. AND best yet with tech issues and screen overwhelm.

Sounds bliss to me…..


I am not saying dump all the digital and revert all your marketing to mailouts and newspaper ads. However, consider how you can tie in more traditional forms of marketing with digital ones, especially into the overall customer journey.

Why tradigital kicks butt over pure digital

  • Very few businesses do it so it gets cut through immediately
  • It often gets much better engagement and enquiry (if done right)
  • It can improve the client journey and the conversion rate
  • You can have loads of fun with it and super creative

A few simple things to align your digital and traditional channels:

  • Create a channel plan that shows the channels that will be included
  • Map out the campaign touchpoints
  • Check all channels have the same imagery and messaging (online and offline)
  • Brief your teams that are in direct client or sales support
  • Have a clear process with timelines and share with relevant people in the process
  • If relevant, create a print version of the campaign and send it at the same time as the digital one for additional impact
  • Consider where traditional marketing can support or lead digital campaigns


Your marketing should evolve, like the rest of your business. Consider taking a more “tradigital’ approach and see the impact it can have.