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Using Social Media during COVID-19 FAQ’s

There are loads of questions being asked about marketing during COVID-19.  What should I do? Can I still market my business without looking insensitive? Should I pivot or pause?

Let me answer a few of the most common questions here for you

  • Should I continue to promote my business on social media?
  • Should my social media strategy change?
  • Should I be running ads on social media?


Q: Should I continue to promote my business on social media? How?

A: Yes! Now more than ever, people are looking online for information, communication, entertainment, communicate, shop and to fill a void. And they are still doing business.

Marketing on social media is like having another shop front or website – it is where you can be found.

BUT before you hit the post button think about how you can serve your customer and not sell to them. How can you help them during this time with your particular product or service?  Are you able to give back to your community in some way?

Analyse what you can bring to your clients, and figure out how your message can rise above the noise. You need to be sensitive and relevant and remember your posts need to have context. Business owners are anxious, but they know they need to continue to market their business in order to survive.

As marketers, those who are sensitive to the emotional state of others can use this time to build community and strengthen relationships with clients. Consider how you can structure payments and make it easier for people to buy from you.  Connect with your customers and offer them value, consistency, and hope.

Q: Should my social media strategy change?

A: Yes, you need to review your current strategy and look at how it needs to pivot (not pause). What messaging and posts need to change to suit the current emotional state of your clients?

Are planned campaigns relevant now or do you need to reconsider your product offering? I know I have postponed some campaigns and ideas as they simply weren’t suited to where we are at right now. But in 3-6 months they might be.

You might need to decrease some activity and increase others. Everyone has a different strategy so consider your target market and what you think is best for them.

The tone of your messages should also be tweaked and take into account trigger works and language. Consider how you can be innovative, creative, collaborative, and mostly, to ensure the absolute safety of your audience first and foremost.


Q: Should I be running ads on social media? What kind of messaging should I use?

A: Yes, however, you will need to adjust the kind of message you are using. Don’t be tone-deaf (maybe get someone to check your content before you post).  Show clearly how your brand solves a problem or satisfies a need people have.

Also, consider the context or environment of your audience. Whilst you don’t need to focus or mention Coronavirus your language should acknowledge our current situation and take into account our heightened emotional state.

Pay close attention to your own Facebook and Instagram feeds at this time and notice which paid placements to feel sensitive to the current climate and are well-worded versus those that feel entirely disruptive and tone-deaf.

Also, be mindful that the ROI of your ads may be lower than normal. However, if you’re in business to truly serve others, this is also an opportunity to show the compassionate side of your company. Consider running ads that educate and show how you are helping your community rather than selling a product.

Continue to advertise but revise and your messaging to suit the current climate.


Now is NOT the time to go silent or be like Punxsutawney Phil. The businesses that do that will be the ones who not only feel it more now but will be in a worse position on the other side of this. Now is the time to step up your social media game and shine.