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How to turn your employees into marketing super hero’s?

Your staff is one of your biggest untapped resources. Most of your recruitment team have some sort of digital footprint or presence on social media and other digital channels so doesn’t it make sense to tap into that and leverage it for the company and your staff’s personal development? It is like a sleeping giant, just waiting to be awoken.

If you want to activate your recruiters you need to have these ingredients as a minimum:
• Create a Brand Employee Engagement Program – it all starts with creating a formal program that gets your internal influencers, social media lovers and driven employees on board to work together for the greater good of all involved
• Get buy in from your team, particularly the influencers – you want to clearly articulate why you are implementing the program and get buy in from key staff and influencers.
• Provide training – don’t just set up and expect your staff to know what to do next, you need to provide ongoing training and support, especially in the early stages of the program. Don’t make the big mistakes of setting up then not putting any effort into the next phase.
• Make it easy for your staff to access great content to post and share. By providing an approved Content Gallery you not only make it easy for them, you overcome another obstacle in the path to success.

There are many benefits for you as a business and your recruiters to get involved:

• Your company provides training which gives you new skills
• Position yourself as a thought leader
• Be seen by your C suite and senior manager as being a positive and active employee
• Future employees can see have initiative, are a team player and driven to improve
• Looks great on your resume
• Increases your digital footprint
• Reach new prospects and create personal opportunities

• SEO and more visibility to prospective clients & candidates
• Creates a positive company culture
• Leverage an existing asset
• Get more exposure from your marketing campaigns
• Increase your eyeball count and digital visibility
• Be seen by new networks, potential clients & other stakeholders
• Be seen as an innovative company that leads and doesn’t follow
• Become an employer of choice
• Inexpensive to implement

With nothing but upside, collaborating with your own staff, can be a very smart initiative to put in place, no matter how big or small your business is. It works for everyone if done the right way.

I have outlined a few thought starters above however if you are serious about tapping into this sleeping giant, get in touch to talk about how we can help you create the best strategy, tactics and tools for your Brand Employee Ambassador Program.