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Take your Dog to Work Day

It is Take Your Dog to Work Day today (26th June) so did you know that having dogs at work is proven to increase productivity, lower stress & blood pressure and create more engagement amongst your staff?

As we start to move out of remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic and get back into our offices, there is likely going to be a difficult transition for some. Your staff with pets have been used to having their pet therapy on hand every day.

I know that at this stage many workplaces are focused on getting the two-leggeds back into the office as a priority. It makes pawfect sense!

It might be time to consider introducing some four-leggeds too. This might help to make the transition a little smoother and help with the mental health of some of your team members who might be feeling the pressure.

As teams start to move back into the office, I will be reopening my Yappy Hour Sessions.

What is Yappy Hour?
Yappy Hour is part learning, part puppy therapy. During Yappy Hour you can interact, cuddle and play with my dogs whilst at the same time I teach you some digital stuff to help you upskill. It’s a digital marketing workshop with dogs.

As Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations, I have over 20 years marketing experience, I love training teams on using digital marketing tactics to drive business outcomes – basically to teach them how to work smarter using existing digital technology.

As a dog lover, I know the benefits dogs can have in the workplace so Yappy Hour combines two of my loves – digital and dogs and provides a fun, interactive session that is unique and great for team morale.

My Yappy Hour crew consists of 3 team members: Tia, Latte & Neo who help me provide a ‘smile-inducing’ training session for your team. Meet my team

Dogs in the workplace have many benefits including:
• Reducing stress and make employees feel more relaxed
• Creating connections between staff that don’t normally interact
• Promoting positive social interactions & an atmosphere of teamwork and communication
• Lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and making individuals who work alone feel less lonely
• Human people are perceived as more friendly & approachable when a dog is present in the office.
• Put smiles on faces
• Increase cooperation and other positive behaviours amongst staff
• Increase employee performance

How does Yappy Hour work?
You provide:
• The team of people
• The drinks/food (if required)
• The venue (we can find a dog-friendly location if you aren’t allowed dogs on your premises) with a large screen or projector

I provide:
• A 1-hour training session (various topics available)
• The puppy power

Get on the dog & bone and book a Yappy Hour Session. Only someone who is barking mad would miss out. I just need your pawthorisation and we can book in a day for your Yappy Hour. It makes pawfect sense! (don’t you love the puns?)

To book email me