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Customer Experience Is Marketing

Customer Experience Is Marketing

Good old fashioned customer service is making a massive comeback with more and more consumers demanding they are treated with love and some level of respect. My experience as a customer is what is paying your bills. We’ve seen the demise in many retail outlets over the past years, much of ...

Why online customer service need to be ASSes!

I think customer service is getting worse not better. One of the BIGGEST issues is that customer service people do not LISTEN and are too busy sending form or scripted responses in line with the policies given to them by management. You have all experienced it, I am sure. The ...

Digital customer service – do you pass or fail?

Often a digital channel will be the first interaction with a potential customer so it is vital that you give a great first impression. Most of your digital enquiries will come via email and social media so regular monitoring of these channels is the first step in digital customer services and ...

How answering your email can increase your sales

One thing that always baffles me us why businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising then can't even answer a customer enquiry via email. Why, why, why?? This makes absolutely NO sense. These are the businesses that complain that their ad campaigns didn't work when it actual fact the received leads ...