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Shoes & Digital – the perfect pair!

Everyone that knows me knows that I looove my shoes. As the former owner of an online shoe store & a current owner of my own digital consultancy, I know shoes and I also know digital. And the two are a perfect fit (pun intended).

So, what do they have in common? Well, let’s put aside the fact that I love both of them and look at the practical stuff, shall we?

They aren’t the right fit then they aren’t right for you – just like shoes, digital platforms need to be right for your business. Think about who your market is and what platform they are using. If they are on Facebook then you need to be on Facebook. If they’re not then maybe you don’t need to be either?

Not every shoe is right for every occasion – Just because you use a lot of different channels doesn’t mean you blast the same message on everyone. What I mean by that is you wouldn’t necessarily put the same message on Facebook as Linked In or a video blog. Think about the style that is best for your audience on that channel. After all, a platform peep toe is not right for walking on a beach, no matter how fabulous they look.

You get what you pay for – Sorry those $800 Jimmy Choo’s are worth every cent. As is spending money on digital. If something sounds too good to be true then it is. The cheaper it is the more limitations it has and usually the more problems you will encounter moving forward. You might think you can build a website for free or spend $25 on SEO a month. Good Luck!! That cheap price comes with problems you are yet to discover (just like blisters on ill fitting cheap shoes)

Why I am telling you this. Because I have made all these mistakes and they cost be not only my hard earned cash but stress, heartache, tears and lost productivity. Whatever digital platforms you use or outsourced marketers you use, it needs to be a right fit for your business.

But I do know for a fact that shoes and digital have a lot in common. Girls think of shoes and digital in the same way and you’ll be fine. Guys, you can just think about the girls…