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One Day I will Start A Podcast…That Day Is Here!

Something I have always thought about doing was creating a podcast.

As a multi business owner, I wasn’t sure which business, this would be for or on the topic, but I knew when the time was right, I’d know.

Well the time is now!

I am excited to share that my podcast Sales Without Socials will launch on Fri 30th September.

This podcast is focused on helping service-based business owners master marketing without social media so you can stop chasing algorithms and start effortlessly landing clients (without a single social post).

If you are like so many other business owners and you’re mentally exhausted from trying to figure out Facebook & Insta, feel like you are just feeding the social media beast and sick of the massive time suck of social then this is the podcast for you.

Now let me firstly say that I am NOT anti-social media. It has its place in the marketing mix. But it is just ONE part of your marketing and too many business owners are focusing 80% of their time & effort on non-performing social media platforms like Facebook, Insta and TikTok.

Not every strategy I share on the podcast will be right for YOUR business but I want to open your mind to more effective marketing tactics that often take less time, get better results, have a longer lasting impact from the time you spend on them and don’t give you comparititis or leave you feeling like a failure.

In Sales Without Socials, I will cover specific non-social marketing strategies, interviews with successful businesses who have focused on other marketing tactics to build their business and industry professionals.

If you’d like to know how to take back control of your marketing then join the waitlist here:

Never let anyone dull your marketing sparkle!