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This One Tactic Is More Effective Than Any Social Media Post

In a world obsessed with social media as a marketing tool, it amazes me that business owners miss some of the most basic and simple tactics to get noticed.

If you haven’t figured out this secret sauce yet, then let me share it with you.

You will never beat the social media algorithms so why are you wasting so much time and energy on it? They are not designed to be beaten.

The term engagement is thrown around more than a sausage at a sausage sizzle, yet most people miss the basic concept. Engagement is really just about interaction and starting conversation. That is how the channels measure it – likes, shares and comments.

In an increasingly busy space where everyone is an expert and has their own publishing channel at their fingertips, creating real engagement is damn hard. And even once you get a couple of comments or shares, most people are lost as to what do you do next. It is all so hard, time consuming and soul destroying.

So why play a game you are never going to win?

That is why this year I decided to drastically reduce the amount of time I waste on social media. Instead I’m doubling down on tactics that actually work. I am going old school and getting back to basics.

And this one thing is killing it in terms of engagement and moving me steps closer to a sale. It beats a social media posts any day and twice on Sunday.

Are you intrigued? Want to know what this amazing, revolutionary, game changing tactic is??

Do you think you can handle it?

It is…….

Sending a card in the mail.

Yes, an old fashioned mail with a stamp (remember those?).

Why does it work so well?

It’s obvious! How often do you get something you actually want to open in the mail- something that is not a bill? Rarely!

If you got a bright pink envelope with a hand written address on it, you’d be intrigued wouldn’t you?

So, let me share what exactly is it I am doing that is working so well.

After a meeting with a new prospective client or someone I have met at an event or even someone I want to work with in the future I sent them one of custom made cards with a simple message inside it.

A card is more effective than social media

There is no sales pitch just one person connecting with another.

And 9 times out of 10 I get a reaction. I get engagement!!!  A call, a thank you, an email.

It gets me noticed. It shows I am different, and it starts a conversation.

Before you start investment in expensive software, tools or promotional gear, think about getting back to basics and starting small. I know it works.