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How to keep your social media fired up while you’re taking a Xmas break

As you are approaching holidays it can be very easy to get complacent and go into full holiday mode. Don’t think because you are on holidays that your social media and digital channels are also. And your customers most definitely are still in buying mode so be prepared for holiday sales and customer service.

The key to maximising sales while you are minimising your workload is to be prepared and plan ahead. Here are some tips to make sure you keep your customers and your bank account happy when you are lazing on the beach or playing golf.

  1. Plan ahead – Create a content plan for the entire holiday period with dates and channels so you can plan what content or posts you are going to share. Planning a content calender will make your content consistent and relevant. Take the time to do it
  2. Create content that is in context – you know that your customers are holidays too, so refer to this in your content.
  3. Post during relevant times – during a normal working week they might be reading social posts at 7.30am as they commute to work however during holidays that want to sleep in so likely to be reading them later in the day so move your posting schedule accordingly
  4. Find ways to link the time of year to your new or existing content and use lots of relevant holiday images – this helps with the context of your content
  5. Schedule using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer – this means your social is working when you are not
  6. Appoint someone to manage it during the holidays – DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED!!!! This is a time of year when your customers have downtime to think and buy so make it easy for them to do so

Hope these tips help and have a great holiday.