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It’s Time For Some ‘Screenless’ Marketing

The headline alone might have put you into a cold sweat.

What do you mean?

How can I market to someone without them being on their phone or laptop?

OMG, no social media! No Facebook ads! No Reels!!

OMG what can I do?

We live on screens most of the day, so I don’t understand what you mean by screenless marketing. Ahhhh!

Before you totally freak out, let me elaborate.

But first, please be prepared by the shocking statements I am about to make.

What do I mean by screenless marketing exactly?

I’m talking about starting conversation and building connection and relationships OFFLINE.

I know, just breathe…

Yes, I mean, in way that doesn’t allow you to hide behind a screen.

Let’s consider these old school, screen-free ideas for a minute. Which do you think gets more cut through?

Sending an introduction email V’s sending a card in the mail? (yes, snail mail)

Starting a conversation in real life (in person or via phone) V’s sending a video?

Talking to a potential collaborative partner at an event V’s contacting a bunch of people on LinkedIn?

Now before you think I have lost my mind and trying to convert you into some weird hippie like bush existence, I am not. I am trying to convert you into considering ways to build screen-free marketing into your strategy.


These old school tactics stand out and cut through. When you get something in the mail that’s in a brightly colored envelope you want to open it. Instead of the normal bills you get…  (that’s just one memorable example). And that is just one idea!

I love sending something simple yet visual to clients, people I’ve met at events, prospects or after meetings. It stands me out from my competitors and have great fun doing it, too.

Research shows that the average person spends a total of 6 hours and 55 minutes looking at a screen each day. And the majority of this (3 hours and 16 minutes) is spent on mobiles.

After a while it all starts to look the same.

Email after email, scrolling through a list of websites in Google, a stream of ads on Insta… Blah, blah, boring!!

But off screen the world looks different. It is happier, the colours more vivid, even the air smells better (I say in jest).

Off screen you get a chance to really shine and jump off the page.

So think about how you can include some screenless marketing into your strategy and share the results you get from it.