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Do You Need To Sack Yourself?

As a small business owner, we wear many hats. We have to do it all which is why I call myself the Chief of Everything – I literally am!

But sometimes I wonder if I need to sack myself?

Let me explain what I mean….

The fact that we wear so many hats means you cannot do everything well. As humans we have skills we excel at and others that we either suck at, or just don’t like doing. Yet often we persist because we think it will just be easier if I do it rather than delegate it (and it makes us miserable in the process).

So, what if you sacked yourself from those tasks that are simply not in your wheelhouse?

This is something I decided to do a few years ago and it makes so much difference to not only how I manage my day, but also my mental health. I don’t want to do things that I hate doing so why should I?

From a personal perspective, I am useless at housework. I am far from a domestic goddess, so I sacked myself from it, hired a cleaner which is worth every penny spent.

In my business, I delegate the accounts to my super patient hubby and our accountant. Talking numbers makes my eyes glaze over. I cannot do it and maintain my sanity. I have a VA who does all the small tasks that make no sense for me to do. Just a couple of examples for you. You get the point…

One of the things I often hear this from other busy business owners is that they don’t understand marketing, they are not good it, and have little time for it. But they persist, dabble at it, don’t enjoy it and then wonder why it doesn’t work for them. Their lack of passion for their messaging and content shows through.

And it’s not just with marketing tasks. It can be anything. What are you doing in your business that doesn’t light you up? That is a chore? What makes your eyes roll when you think about doing it?

The opportunity cost of paying someone else to do these tasks equals new opportunities and new business and will pay for itself in no time.

If that sounds like you then STOP doing it and sack yourself.