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What is a digital coach and how can they help you as an individual

Digital Marketing is a fast moving, constantly evolving beast. For many small business owners, and sole traders, it’s another ‘thing’ they need to get their heads around when they are setting up and launching their business, and typically it’s down the list of priorities. It can also be quite overwhelming, particularly if you come from a non marketing background.

So how can you get advice and direction so you don’t waste money on all the wrong things, especially on a very limited budget? You get a digital coach.

A digital coach is someone that can provide direction, help you map out what you need to get you from point A to point B and generally hold you accountable for getting stuff done.

Usually they will work with your business one on one to provide mentoring and advice in person, over phone of via online portals like Skype.

If you have some basic skills, think you know what you need and have a limited budget having a digital coach can be the perfect way to make some progress, ensure you are doing the right things, spending your time where you need to without it upsetting your bank balance.

My goal when coaching clients is to give them the tools & tactics you need to manage your own digital marketing.

A coach should work with you and your business in a collaborative and cooperative way where the focus is on empowering you to make informed choices that you can manage, influence and/or control.