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A Student’s Guide to Digital Platforms

Guest Post by Steffi Chong

Nowadays when it comes to digital platforms, we are spoilt for choice with new ones popping up everyday! However, it doesn’t mean that you should be on every digital platform. It can get a little overwhelming, even for someone like me who grew up in the digital age!  As a current student these are the main digital platforms I use and why:

Facebook is the platform that I spend most of my time on. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m addicted to it but it’s definitely a habitual thing. I’m not sure if I use it because I genuinely like it or because everyone I know uses it regularly and I enjoy feeling connected and in the loop. As an international student with most of my friends and family being in different countries, Facebook allows me to hear about their lives without actually having to make the time to speak to them.

Instagram is the digital platform that I enjoy using the most. It’s a completely straightforward and simple idea, which is ‘see photo, like photo or scroll past’. Despite its addition of advertisements, I have never felt like my Instagram experience was interrupted due to their screening of advertising content. Instagram also allows me to follow celebrities I like, online shops’ new releases, and internet-famous pets.

Twitter for me is a place where semi-close to close friends and I post unimportant thoughts throughout the day, such as venting about people cutting lines at the bus stop or proclaiming our hunger whilst sitting in a lecture hall. The people I follow on Twitter are friends, some celebrities (Roger Federer, YouTube celebrities, bloggers), television shows (Doctor Who, American Horror Story), novelty or meme accounts (@hauntedunicorn) and news updates (@breakingnews).

Next to Facebook, Reddit is the number one website I actually enjoy frequenting. Reddit is anything you want it to be and is often called the front page of the Internet. If you enjoy cute photos of animals, the subreddit /r/aww is for you; If you like seeing people showcase their photoshop skills, /r/photoshopbattles is the place to be. There truly is something for everyone on Reddit that can educate, entertain or inform.  I also love Tumblr as it’s never ending and a great way to relax and get inspired,

I use my social platforms in different ways and it’s important to remember this if you are a brand trying to engage with me.