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What is Social Amplification?

Social amplification is the collision of people, culture and communication. It is about leveraging every moment of your digital marketing messages.

Most companies use ‘hope as a strategy’ when it comes to marketing. They throw money into the wishing well and ‘hope’ it works. Doesn’t sound like a smart way to market your business, does it, particularly if you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget?

You can continue to throw money at your marketing and ‘hope’ you get a result, a bigger audience, more of the right eyeballs. OR you can use social amplification to actually do it.

Why spend more when you can leverage existing assets to massively increase your reach to those people you want to buy your product or service. It is a no brainer!

Social Amplification focuses on 3 key areas:

✔ Escalating your visibility

✔ Amplification of content

✔ Stealth market domination

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