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2023 Social Media Trends And Why You Are The One Who Is Losing (again)

Every year, around this time, we see all the experts share their marketing predictions for the upcoming new year. Social media is just one part of most marketing strategies but it is usually a decent chunk of it. So be prepared for what 2023 has in stall for you.

It has been a chaotic year for the Meta which continues to decline, TikTok has positioned itself as an entertainment channel, not a social media channel, and Elon Musk is shaking the trees at Twitter so they are sure to transform significantly over the coming months.

So, what does 2023 have in stall for you as a business owner, trying to figure out this ever-changing world of social media? Are you ready for it?


The numbers of Facebook continue to decline as ads continue to dominate the feed and users get more and more frustrated with the user experience. And there are more changes in store. Hold on!!

More posts recommended by AI: You’re going to see more and more content from Pages and people that you don’t follow infiltrating your Facebook feed. I’ve noticed this already in my feed when people & pages I do not follow, appear and I don’t like. According to Mr. Zuckerberg, 40% of the content in your main Facebook feed will come from pages you don’t follow (yeh, no thanks).

Less promotion of external links: And if you are sharing links, be warned that they are moving away from promoting your external links as they TRY to keep more people on Facebook.

The damn metaverse: In his quest for world domination,  Zuck is trying to get us all excited about this damn Metaverse. This will include the integration of digital avatars into more places in the app.

And they will be promoting this shift via posts in VR and have already announced they are sharing to reels from VR option.

VR, AR, AI…. ?? My head is spinning already. It is mentally draining just thinking about it.


Instagram has had a serious identity crisis as they try hard to keep up with new consumer habits and the rise of Tik Tok to entertain the masses. The once industry favourite is playing catch up and is desperately trying to fend off competition.

And as it is also part of the Metaverses, it is going to heavily lean into AI content recommendations to try and maximise user engagement. Expect to see both AR and 3D posts roll out + gifs generated from Live photos.


Although LinkedIn is technically considered a social media channel, I think it has vastly different rules for business (as you might have heard me talk about on my Sales Without Socials Podcast.)

LinkedIn is posting record levels of engagement which now seemingly includes more non-professional posts and updates.

More data insights to help guide jobseekers: it’s slowly integrating more ways to use this to help people maximize their massive professional and career database. This will include more links to LinkedIn Learning to get the exact skills you need to improve your chances of getting advertised roles.

Video: Video will continue to be a focus with more video tools and chat features.

Audio focus: Bigger focus on audio: they have already started to roll out Audio events. Next year, they will see a more significant focus on professional engagement and niche content within the app. Expect to see audio rooms in groups, audio meet-ups among your connections better highlighted in the app, and more sections highlighting audio events.


We want to see these channels evolve and change, however, I wonder how much of this change will actually be a nicer experience for businesses. It is already damn hard to get cut through and visibility for most businesses and I am not convinced these changes are going to do anything to help busy (and already confused and overwhelmed) business owners.