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How to Deal with Negative comments on social media

Marketing through social media has its many benefits. It allows you to reach out to your audience to richly engage with them in a way that traditional advertising can’t. Putting your brand or your product out there in the social media jungle can also open it to vulnerability. Since marketing through ...

What to post on social media – tips to get you started

Having trouble getting started with posting on your social media channels? Here are some ideas to get you started. A common question I hear from small businesses in regards to social media is “I don’t know what to post or share”. The worst way to manage your social media marketing is ...

Let’s Dumb down the Facebook Algorithm

You have probably heard of this mythical thing called the Facebook Algorithm. All the popular social networks have gravitated toward an algorithm-based feed in the effort to create better experiences for their users and each one works differently plus they are constantly changing, making it hard for marketers to keep ...