If you think you are in the game of social, think again! Many recruiters are doing same jobs & blogs or cold outreach on LinkedIn and think that is working. For every person that responds in a positive way you are likely losing a tonne of prospects and potential referrers. Social has changed massively, especially in the last 12 months. The playing field is no longer level and you might be on the losing team…. If you are not seeing results, it is time to move the social and look at where you need to play in 2019

Your investment is only $149 + gst

What you'll learn

Outcomes from the 1/2 day workshop:

  •          Understand the massive shift in social in last 12 months and how it impacts you
  • ·         Why the psychology of social will impact your responses & results
  • ·         How the algorithm is impacting who is seeing your posts
  • ·         Why you need to ride the social media funnel
  • ·         Why it doesn’t always pay to boost a post (and why Ads can be better)
  • ·         Why your audience comes first and they don’t care about you
  • ·         Why creative, imagery & content must go beyond recruitment
  • ·         What language are you talking and let’s translate
  • ·         How being human translates into $$$
  • ·         What matters most in 2019
  • ·         Why Offline and online is the same and why it’s time to get uncomfortable
  • ·         How the social is the new cultural revolution and how savvy recruiters can capitalise

Approx 90% of recruiters are using social media in some form however, a large percentage of recruitment companies haven't kept up to date with current social media best practice, new trends or massive changes that have occurred in the last 12 months alone.  

Passive candidates are using social media so go where the talent is. Social recruiting is cheaper than job boards,  allows you to get to know your audience and will attract the right clients & quality candidates to your desk (if done properly).

About Me

"I’m Tanya; I love pink, wearing 4-inch heels and being the sparkly Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations.

As a digital specialist I have worked with many businesses to help them get started and become more visible using the right digital channels for their audience and brand.  

This workshop is designed for recruiters who aren't maximising the result they can get (maybe you are just posting jobs & blogs) and want to know how to move the social media needle to monetise the time spent on social media. This is a tiny investment into your businesses future and will help you in a practical way every day"

Don't just take my word for it...

Peter Liaw
Peppercorn Consulting
“Tanya was great and I recommend her to any business who is considering further developing and implementing their social media strategy. She clearly knows and is passionate about the subject matter and getting businesses to think about how to better use social media to build their brand and business. She has really got us thinking about new ways to implement our social media strategy.” 
Nicola Steel
"Tanya’s workshop on Social Recruiting was informative, inspiring and enjoyable. I have lots of fantastic new ideas to add to my recruitment toolbox! Thank you and looking forward to next time.” 
Ben Watts
Watts Next
"Tanya is a wealth of knowledge in the digital space, her passion for digital is clear and her presenting style is energetic and engaging. Plenty of practical tips and ideas to improve your digital strategy!”

Yes, I want to do this virtual workshop

 In this workshop, I will teach you how & why social needs to be use in 2019 to connect, transform, engage and relate.

Your investment is only $149 + gst

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