​​How have Boost Juice, Di Bella Coffee, Vita Group, ATO, RSPCA, Edible Blooms, Black Milk Clothing (to name just a few) used digital to grow their business to where it is today?

✔️Read interviews with leading brands and entrepreneurs of different sizes and from various industries

✔️Understand how these leading brands have used digital to help you determine the right path for your business.

✔️Learn the mistakes they made so don't make them same ones

✔️Be inspired to take your digital marketing to the next level

✔️Interviews with 21 leading entrepeneurs & brands
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What you'll learn

- How to use Digital channels to grow your business 

- Find out how leading brands and businesses have used digital to grow their market 

- Learns tips and tricks of digital from several interviews with top businesses

- Gain priceless insights on how they have used digital to build national brands 
- Digital strategies and solutions  you need to take to get to the next level

- Mistakes they have made that you need to avoid

In this ebook, you will learn how Australia's leading brands do their business in a digital world and go from zero dollars to lots of zeros.

Imagine trying to gain access to personal takeaways, tips and expertise of 21 leading businesses, many of whom are household names. It would take you months or even years. So I have done it for you. 

This book gives you the perfect opportunity to gain priceless information with the click of a button. Are you ready? 

About Me

"I’m Tanya; I love pink, wearing 4-inch heels and being the sparkly Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations.

As a digital specialist I have worked with many businesses to help them get started and become more visible using the right digital channels for their audience and brand.  

In this book, I share insights and tips from some of Australia's most successful brands. A must read for anyone who wants to know how brand leaders have used digital & social media to grow successful businesses.

Why are leading brands using Digital?

"With digital, you’re reaching a lot more people than you are with TV but you’ve got to be and also weigh  up what the quality of the viewer compared to  the viewer of TV" 
Janine Allis, CEO & Founder of  Boost Juice

"If you're not playing in digital you're not playing at all" 
Phillip Di Bella, Founder of Di Bella Coffee

“It’s really important to take advantage of the digital world, to use it as a tool but I try not to also make sure we forget about all the other marketing mediums as well”
Mark Townsend, CEO of RSPCA


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