Do you want a ‘go to’ resource that shares the latest trends, tactics & tools that you can access whenever you need it?
(without having to spend hours going down the online rabbit hole)


The digital marketing world moves super fast and there are constantly changes and updates that can change the game for you. (but you need to know about them first)

Digital Alumni is an online portal that has been created exclusively for current or past clients of Digital Conversations.

As a digital specialist I get access to all types of information, tools, trends, changes and insights that you would probably never get a chance to see. And I spend hours every week upskilling and learning (so you don’t have to)

I know how hard it is to keep up with all the latest in digital and marketing because I have to do it on a daily basis. That is exactly why I created this resource for you.


Digital Alumni is an online portal that you will access via login

When you need help, advice, information, find how to do something you log in and look for the appropriate content. Yep you can access it 24/7.

There are two ways to get access to Digital Alumni.

  1. Pay a small monnthly member fee of $127 + gst per month (this resource will save you that in wasted time alone)  OR
  2. You refer a client to me and I will give you access for FREE
    If the person you refer to me invests in my services, then you will get access for either 3,6,12 months (dependent on their level of investment)

Either way that is one sweet deal!!!


It will either cost you $127 + gst per month OR NOTHING
(minimum commitment of 3 months)

If you prefer the lowest cost option then I look forward to getting your referal