Call Tracking and How It Can Help You Market Better

Marketers and business owners might recognize call tracking as a resource that allows them to direct and sort calls from campaigns, and to collect data based on said calls. In hindsight, this concept might make call tracking an ordinary resource. However, using this correctly can have vast implications towards the way your marketing campaigns can actually work.

Perhaps it’s important to take a step back and assess the importance of calls in this digital age of marketing before taking a look at call tracking in general. Did you know that more than 50-percent of prospects already want to see how a service works during the first call, with almost 60-percent of potential buyers already ready to discuss pricing at the same call? If your sales representatives don’t get to connect with prospects during the first call, it can actually take as much as 18 calls to do so – which means time is of the essence when it comes to making your brand appeal to your customers. This also means the better you know your potential consumers, the better your sales can get – and call tracking can help you in this regard. Here’s how to utilize call tracking for better marketing:

  • Keep track of your campaign channels: One of the most efficient ways call tracking can help you market better is by allowing you to have better tracking of your campaign channels. Since call tracking assigns your various channels with its own unique phone number, you have better ways of identifying which calls are coming from which source. This can up the ante in your analytics game, as you can better identify which channels are generating the most prospects and the most leads.
  • Integration with work systems: Call tracking is remarkable in that it’s capable of being integrated with other analytics tools and work systems you have. This means you wouldn’t need to make a lot of adjustments just to have call tracking installed into your systems, and your staff will need to make little adjustments in order to accommodate the new call tracking software.
  • Zero in on analytics: Another important way call tracking can help your marketing is its ability to add another layer of analytics to the fleet of data you have with you. You’re now going to be able to pinpoint which channels calls are coming from, and who’s calling from what area. Some call tracking tools even have phone call recording features, which can also add a whole host of benefits to your sales.

  • Real time analysis and updates: Call tracking software such as Fone Dynamics enables companies to have a better and brighter bird’s eye view of the various aspects of your analytics without much inconvenience. You can now get your data in real time, which can be much-needed assistance if you want to make adjustments to your systems on the fly.
  • Adjust with better accuracy: In the same token, call tracking systems can also help make sure when you do make adjustments to your campaigns, you do so from a position of enlightenment, as your data has much more depth in it and you now have taken into account more factors thanks to its efficient data-gathering methods.
  • Enlighten the sales process: In fact, it’s important to remember that conversions are perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of the sales process to keep track off, primarily because not all channels get to provide accurate data on prospects and leads without the assistance of call tracking. Now, you can finally zero in on conversions on the phone, given 92-percent of most customer interactions also occur via these calls.
  • Evaluate and improve customer service: In the same token, being able to record calls and track conversions also allows you to keep track of your staff’s performance. You can now identify key parts of your overall sales process that might need modification, particularly when it comes to your team’s ability to converse with customers.
  • Elevate customer experience: Lastly, perhaps another extremely important contribution of call tracking towards marketing is that you can actually provide better customer experience if it’s utilized properly. This is because you can now finally identify aspects of calls that may or may not satisfy customers, and work towards finding better – and more precise – ways of improving such experiences.

The Takeaway: Improving Marketing Through Call Tracking

Improving your marketing through call tracking can actually be possible given the right utilization of call tracking’s various features. Knowing when to use and how to use the various data it gathers can put you at an advantage when it comes to understanding customer behavior and how you can make a difference in meeting their needs when it comes to your campaigns.

John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.