'Get Started with Digital' Checklist

Helping Small Businesses to Stop Procrastinating and start doing!!

Discover simple steps to stop being overwhelmed, stop procrastinating and learn how to easily get started on executing digital tools & tactics into your business this year. 

If you have DO (Digital Overwhelm) and PHS (Procrastination Hell Syndrome) then this is a very timely prescription to help you get better !

Are you overwhelmed by challenges and options in the digital world?

Tanya Williams is a digital strategist,  trainer and  social recruiting specialist who works with individuals & businesses  to help them grow their personal skills and their business by using digital tools & tactics to reach more of the right clients & candidates.  As someone who has started where you are and gone through that digital journey, she has first hand knowledge of what you are doing wrong and the business expertise to show you how to fix it.


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